I love making tiny things, they seem very personal and can hold many secrets. I still have my doll house

furniture from when I was little and my shelves are filled with small precious things that I have collected

and created over the years. The small sculptures that I make happen to be wearable and each tells a story.

My ideas come from everywhere- nature, music, fairy tales, my cats, spirituality and much more. I make

each piece myself by hand in my studio at my home. I combine traditional materials like gold, silver,

diamonds and gemstones with non traditional materials including porcelain, wood, resin, bone, copper,

bronze and flower petals. I challenge myself to work with no rules while designing but maintaining a level

of craftsmanship that makes each piece archival. I use a variety of techniques including carving, casting,

fabricating, raising, forging, enameling and granulation. I graduated with a degree in Jewelry/ Metals from

Kent State University and I am self taught in ceramics.

My work has been sold in galleries all over the country as well as published in:

Narrative Jewelry:Tales From the Toolbox by Mark Fenn

Gemstone Jewels by Lark Books

New Rings, Designs from Around the World by Nicolas Estrada